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Animal Transport

The Dog/Puppy Rescue Transport is an amazing process and adventure to help the animals get to their forever homes.  
The transports are an incredible coordination with many non-profit organizations and volunteers in several states. There are
animal rescue groups in other areas (Northern Virginia, New Jersey, Massachusetts, etc...) that are willing to accept transfers
of dogs/puppies (and sometimes cats/kittens) from our humane society. They keep an eye on our website and let us know
which animals they want, and pay a fee to cover the vet expenses the animals have incurred to HSCC.

Volunteers duties include:

1) Preparing crates for transport by lining them with newspaper, labeling with the destination and dog names.

2) Walking all the dogs (they need to potty before the trip),
3) Assisting in loading the vehicle,
4) Driving the dogs/puppies on the first leg of the journey to the next meeting point.

Please remember that although you may sign up for a weekend, we may not know all the detail until late Friday night or
Saturday morning. A dog may be adopted, weather is bad, or a leg in the transport can't make it. Everything is done by all the
volunteers to make it as smooth as possible but things do happen.

If you are interested in helping with transports, you will receive an email weekly OR you can tell me ahead of time dates you
would like to sign up for. Feel free to travel with a partner; two always makes it easier.

All volunteers, (drivers and passengers) in the vehicles must sign a release and waiver. Currently we are unable to reimburse
drivers for gas expenses. This is some of the "volunteer" part! However, remember, you can deduct driving expenses from
your taxes.

IMPORTANT! If you sign up to drive a transport, you absolutely must be there and on time. No shows or being late will
make things very difficult. Please keep this in mind when deciding whether you can help.

Local Animal Transport

We also need volunteers to drive animals to and from foster homes and/or veterinarians on an as-needed basis. You will be placed on a list of contacts with your date/times available. When we need a dog or cat transported to and from a vet or foster home, someone will contact you either by e-mail or telephone asking if you are available. You can take that assignment or not, depending on your availability.